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The increasing complexity of trade relations and market globalization has created the need for significant innovations in the legal, financial and technical sectors. In Italy, consulting firms, until recent years characterized by remarkable stability, have had to change in order to meet newly emerging needs. The traditional figure of the consultant is being replaced by organizations able to provide integrated services through a team of highly specialized professionals, maintaining direct contact with clients. 
The challenge is to balance tradition and innovation. The goal of flexibility means offering the client complete and continuous assistance in every aspect and through all stages of the entrepreneurial experience.
Studio Danovi was founded in 2002; it currently consists of 40 consultants and administrative staff. The firm is part of the Danovi & Giorgianni network with offices in Milan and Rome, counting more than 80 people among professionals, trainees and staff. In addition to professional expertise, some partners in the network are Law and Economics & Management Professors in Universities in Rome and Milan. 
The network of corresponding law and consulting firms is spread throughout Italy and the rest of the world. The working languages are Italian, French and English.

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