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Accounting, Tax and Corporate Services

- Daily company executions.
- Management and counseling for multinational companies and nationally relevant groups. Specific reference to intragroup relationships and relationships between Italian branches and Corporate Headquarters.
- Accounting services for startups or companies which, due to their small size, do not have an in-house administrative department; consulting with internal administrative departments during the transition from external to internal accounting, consulting for the implementation of new management systems or selection of staff.
- Contracts for ordinary business activities (sub-contracting, franchising, sales agency agreements, space management etc.) with specific attention to tax optimization, assistance in public and private tenders and for funding.
- Assistance to non-profit companies and public authorities regarding normative, administrative and tax fulfillments. Significant experience is in the area of higher education institutions and cultural/amateur sports associations.

Turnaround, reorganizations and liquidations

- Counseling for the preparation of recovery plans for companies; debt negotiation with creditors; certification of recovery plans (under art. 67) and agreements (under art. 182 bis of the Italian Bankruptcy Act).
- Assistance in accessing preventive creditors’ settlement procedures (a sort of Italian Chapter 11).
- Legal assistance in pre-bankruptcy proceedings and related lawsuits; support in liquidating the company and to the entrepreneur in case of bankruptcy.

M&A consultancy

- Support in tax and corporate planning for acquisitions, mergers, demergers, incorporations, business transfers.
- Drafting of business-plans and cash flows concerning business activities or special operations.
- Counseling for new businesses (start-up, corporate or contractual joint ventures, partnerships, Italian RTI, etc.), company acquisitions and disposals; evaluation of companies, properties and specific assets; negotiation and drafting of articles of association and shareholders’ agreements.
- Legal, accounting and tax due diligence.
 - Advising on accounting, tax, business law (with specific reference to special operations, relationships among shareholders and between shareholders and company’s bodies, banking and insurance law) and bankruptcy issues.

Credit Risk Advisory

The firm has specific experience in credit risk assessment and counselling.

For areas not directly covered by our practice, the Firm turns to specialists in order to provide competent professional and fully integrated advice and counseling services. 

Fiscal cases - tax litigation

- Counseling and assistance in the pre-litigation phase (self-defense/protection, mediation, tax verification).
- Fiscal cases (appeals drafting, appeals, motions, briefs and rebuttal arguments; representation in public hearings) with specific experience in personal income tax, transfer-pricing, permanent establishment, double taxation.

Private and public offices

Professionals of the firm can be appointed directors and statutory auditors in corporations, also listed, and in public and private entities. 
Professionals of the firm are often appointed trustees in bankruptcy, judicial commissioners, liquidators, guardians and technical consultants of the judge at the Court of Milan, as well as private consultants in law procedures in accounting, tax and business issues.

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